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Moise Plus group

Moïse Plus Group

Moïse Plus Group













Moise Plus Group loan is now fully funded.  This was my first loan with Kiva and here is a little about the group from the Democratic Republic of Congo!  Please join my Vertical Lending Group and we can fight poverty together.  Remember…this is not a donation! It’s a loan which means you get paid back.  You can be a banker to the poor and make a huge difference to someone who wouldn’t otherwise have opportunity.

“Moïse Plus” is a Community Bank made up of 23 micro entrepreneurs whose chairman is Emmanuel. These members are united and have the same goal to grow their businesses by loans received from Kiva through HOPE RDC. Emmanuel sells sacks of charcoal in his area located in the north eastern suburban part of Kinshasa. He began his business in 2004. After hard work and good management, he succeeded in making it thrive thanks to the accumulated profits. He is a loyal client of HOPE RDC who has already received two different loans and has repaid them properly. He intends to reinforce the working capital with the next loan by buying ten charcoal sacks to resell at a profit as people do not have power and hot plates in this area. The business gives him a profit of US$30 every week. Emmanuel is 32 years old, married and the father of four children whose ages vary between 1 and 9 years old. Two of them attend school. His ambition is to change his business by opening a general store.



Welcome to Vertical, a Kiva lending team. Please join our team in the world of micro finance where you can help fight world poverty by making a small loan (as little as $25) and make a huge difference to someone struggling.  Visit our Vertical Kiva Page and find out more about Kiva micro lending and Vertical.